Sleeps Alone – Two Door Cinema Club (The Chainsmokers Remix) [HAPPY] [KILLER JAM!] [FREE TOO!]

Another phat jam from a duo out East that has certainly caught our eye. As a personal fan of the indie band Two Door Cinema Club for a few years now, I’d give them a listen. If your into that sorta thing.

But of course, this little snippet is about our friends out in NYC, and we’re sharing the love in Chi-city. The Chainsmokers have churned out another hot remix, this one coming off one of TDCC’s hottest singles – ‘Sleep Alone’.

Working in conjunction with Glass Note records and Two Door Cinema Club themselves, the progressive house duo mastered this one from back to finish. This is their fourth release of 2013 and it rules like O’Doyle. Because O’Doyle rules.

And so do the Chainsmokers.


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