Savant’s New Single – Light Years w/ Razihel [Happy] [Heavy]


What else shall we say about the Norwegian artist Aleksander Vinter? His new single calcifies the fact that Savant has the most versatile sound in EDM.

Fusing auto-tuned pop-punk vocals with synthetic, complex breakdowns has never sounded sweeter. Here at Rager Onions, this guy is truly loved. I suppose he is a bit different from the average electronic artist, but his following has peaked to a cult level. Nerds, Metal heads, and electronic connoisseurs unite and bask in the light that is Savant.

You would be a fool not to give this a listen. Or give his interview a once over.

One comment on “Savant’s New Single – Light Years w/ Razihel [Happy] [Heavy]

  1. […] We don’t know much about this Brazilian DJ. What we do know is that his latest single, ‘Rasta Trip’ was released on SectionZ Records. Why yes of course, the same record label as one of our main bro-hammers here at Rager Onions – Savant. […]


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