PROTOTYPERAPTOR – New Complextro LP Nestalgiarithm [FUNKY] [HAPPY] [HEAVY]

He’s probably not a real dinosaur, but this DJ is still gonna be huge!

Jonathan Paulsen, a.k.a. PrototypeRaptor (sick alias) produces some complex stuff. Mixing elements of Moombahton, Electro House, Chip Tune (that crunchy, 8-bit sound), Glitch Hop, Dubstep, Cookie Dough…Oh what’s the damn point….we dont know what else to call it. Complextro?

Whatever his melodic prey, PROTOTYPERAPTOR kills them on every track of his new LP, Nestalgiarithm. He even apologizes for the long, three year delay between his previous and most recent album releases, explaining that he is “not Savant or anything (I wish tho). This viscous DJ draws from so many styles and genres it will make your head spin. The good kind of spin though. More like disco ball, less like Flo Rida.

Listen to the full album for free at his bandcamp profile.

Oh yeah…he can remix with the best of ’em too. See for yourself.


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