Cazzette – Weapon (Vicetone Remix) [HAPPY] [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Continuing their streak of snappy production – Vicetone has done it again, again. Keeping things buzzing early in 2013 with their latest remix of Cazzette’sWeapon‘, this Dutch duo proves they won’t surrender.

After their epic remix of Youngblood Hawk’s ‘We Come Running’ (our No. 1 song of the 2012), they delivered once again with a mastered spin of ‘Reason’ by Nervo & Hook N’ Slings.

Some EDM artists don’t produce new material consistent enough. Whether it’s their strategy or the result of “a lack of hustle” as Uncle Tony Perkis would say – up-and-coming artists should note Vicetone‘s resilience. These are free releases that deserve to be bought by paying customers. Why they do it, you may ask?

Because they love the music. And we love theirs.


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