TRIPPPYYY – The M Machine: Metropolis Pt. II (NEW EP Preview) [FUNKY]

With a few new releases, The M Machine ended their year-long (or so) production famine. Since we mean music not potatoes, who’s ready for some eclectic electronics?

Metropolis Pt. II is the San Francisco trio’s latest EP, which doesn’t yet appear to disappoint. To appease their fanhood, they released a few songs which can be found on OWSLA records’ SoundCloud.

According to group member Andy Coenen,

“The beautiful part of electronic music right now is that it’s literally infinite…We write songs just like any other indie band or rock band would, but every instrument is powerful and big because it’s all electronic. You have the best of both worlds – the heaviness of dance music, but you then have the soul of vocal driven music.”

What Andy said.


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