Blow the Roof — The [Heavy] New EP from Flux Pavilion

After personally leaking almost every track, UK Dubstep-phenom Flux Pavilion has finally released his much anticipated EP Blow the Roof via Big Beat/Circus Records.

When asked about the record, Flux gave a quintessential response.

“I like to give every track its own flavor. When I write music I write whatever is on my brain at that moment. One day I can be working on this weird glitchy pop song, and the next day it can be a dubstep track.”

For Josh Steele – music isn’t duplicated. Music is using the tools at hand to create original arrangements of sound. Picking a favorite song from this diverse mix could prove to be tricky, as each seems to possess a life of its own. But isn’t that what makes an album great?

Wobbly bass, epic drops and unconventional vocals (including Flux himself) define this album.

It’s safe to say the King of UK Dubstep is back.


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