Bass Yourself – SAVOY Drops Brand New EP ‘Personal Legend’ [Heavy]

Oh boy. We’ve been psyched for this since North Coast. Savoy, the suave trio from Brooklyn just released their brand new EP, Personal LegendWhen Savoy took the stage right before Modestep, they riled up the crowd to a point of anarchy. Seriously, it was nuts.

Colossal sound with pungent vibes of equal Rock and equal Roll, Savoy is rapidly ascending into the world of EDM. They even released an appetizer of the EP, an ambitious collaboration with Big Gigantic, AfterShock. The full version is nothing short of a monumental track.


Their 2013 tour Live with Lasers begins tomorrow in D.C., but Savoy will make its way to Chicago for a must-see show at the Mid on February 1st. And after listening to this new EP, it’s a good thing we already got our tickets.

Listen below, and download the entire EP free right here.

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