Everybody Wants More D…illon Francis [Funky]

If Dillon can’t kill it, nobody can.

Capping off an epidemic year in 2012, Mr. Dillon Francis is showing no mercy.

About a month ago, he shred into Nicky Romero and Nervo’s hit Like Home. And right when we thought the jig was up, Francis announced on Facebook he’s working on a remix for Dada Life‘s So Young So High. Check out a rough, live sample here.

But believe it or not, not everybody wants more D.  Some people, like Bobby, think Dillon Francis has lost his touch.


But considering Francis, and the Moombahton genre are literally brand new – Bobby is evidently too sick for everything.

Let’s be clear ladies and gentleman (and Bobby), Dillon Francis is still blowing up. And he’s here to stay. And party.


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