Zedd, Foxes, Alvin Risk perform ‘Clarity’ on Letterman Late Night

How many DJ’s can go on live television and perform one of the most eclectic and vocally sound songs of the year for hundreds of thousands of people without breakin’ a sweat? (Crappy pun intended)

Anton Zaslavski pushed EDM to the brink of social norms last night on David Letterman. He demonstrated exactly why EDM is more than button pushing and fist pumping.

Finally people are taking notice. Lady Gaga claimed that the young German gave her a “major musical boner”.

Enough said.

It’s the year of Zedd.

Due to copyright infringements (a.k.a. Corporate America Bullshit), the YouTube video we posted is no longer working. 

Instead, please enjoy the audio version of the song, provided for FREE by Zedd on his Soundcloud. 


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