Avicii Seeks Mediocrity with Single ‘Three Million (You’re Love Is So Amazing)’


Avicii just released a new song in honor of gaining 3-million Facebook fans. Whether the Swedish sensation was drunk when he produced this, nobody knows. He is as talented as they come, but this “tribute”…falls flat. Not only does it use the same vocals from the Derezzed remix, it makes them sound kind of worse.

Why are we posting this if we think it sucks? Because we all know what Tim Bergling is capable of.

As hard-nosed advocates of his most recent single – I Could Be the One (vocal remix of Fuck School) – we feel no guilt in expressing our discontent with Three Million.

Weak sauce Tim.

We want Avicii.

Killsonik – Slaughterhouse (Gemini Remix) [HEAVY]

KillSonik released their newest EP last week, Where the River Runs Black – and artists are chomping at the bit to get a piece.

Gemini is first out of the gate with their remix of Slaughterhouse. Although electro house is not his usual cup of tea, this remix escalates all that is right in EDM.

Slowly but surely, artists are recognizing the value in being multifaceted. Mathematically and schematically speaking, one could argue this leads to a larger fan base.

He may be young, but Gemini has proven his worth. Godspeed fellow astrologists…

LetsBeFriends ☠ EP 1 [HEAVY]


The UK bass-heavy dance project known as LetsBeFriends ☠  released their debut EP,  “EP 1”. It features six tracks which we’d define as Knife Party-esque, just to be politically correct.

Their style screams complextro with some electro house residue – keeping those synths climbing and those beats keep dropping. With their use of niche vocal sampling and mega-originality, don’t be surprised if you see some of these tracks crawl the charts.

LetsBeFriends ☠ plans to start touring at the start of the summer season, so keep an eye out for this up-and-coming sensation.


Best in the West

Allow It

Pull Up Your Finger

Intimidation (Dis Killa)

The Creator