Sweet Like Hirshee [Artist Spotlight]

Hirshee is on a roll.

His expertise pinpoints all things melody with triumphant vocals and pounding bass. It all flows into one artist that just cannot be ignored. His unique style has landed on BBC Radio 1 with the likes of Fatboy Slim, Spencer & Hill, DJ Dan, Calvertron, Hatiras, Tim Healey, Dirtyloud, and Will Bailey.

Things took off quickly, but Hirshee didn’t stumble. Teaming up with Lazy Rich, the duo started Big Fish Recordings and rapidly climbed the electro charts.

Hopefully this makes your holiday hangover a bit easier to handle.

Or try using the hair of the dog that bit you.

Spread Some Rager Cheer! [Happy] Friday Tunes

Rager Onions loves Friday.

But you probably already knew that. So here’s another slap-happy Smörgåsbord of Friday tunes. Because the clock is ticking towards 5:00, and Christmas is almost here.

It’s a time to be shared with the ones you love most. Like friends, family, and any song remixed by Alesso. 

So without further adieu or agenda, enjoy some tracks that we think will spread some holiday cheer.

Because at Rager Onions, we’re spreading cheer-

365 days of the year.

Walden (Artist Spotlight) (Happy)


Representing a new culture of upcoming Australian producers, (John) Walden has set the bar unbelievably high at the young age of eighteen years old. It’s tough to categorize his style into any genre because of his variance of cross-sampling. At first listen his sound screams progressive house; but give it time and you start to realize just why John is continuously selling out venues.

The sky is the limit for this promising young star, and any Aussie should be proud to call him one of their own.

So grab your bangers and mash, put the yakka on hold and have a listen.