Meet Baby Bass – Hallywood X [Heavy]


Six months ago, we found this snippet of Skrillex performing an unknown song for a lucky list of jive bass monkeys. Let me just say this: anytime Sonny Moore releases a new song, people go to just about any digital means necessary to find it. However, this one proved to be a bit more difficult.

Spoiler alert: This song is not by Skrillex.

At the time this video was leaked, most people would probably assume Hallywood X was some Los Angeles based stripper named Hally. Sadly, this assumption probably still stands and none of you know who this cigarette puffing, Skrillex look-a-like truly is.

Skeptics will complain that his production value is far too similar to Skrillex’s unique style and that his marketing demeanor mimics Sonny in more ways than one. To those people, let me just say this: there is no such thing as an original song. Everything you have ever heard is a remixed version of something else. Ask any successful musician where they find influence. It’s in the music.

So sit back, relax and support one of the newest wunderkinds of EDM. The young Chilean known as Hallywood X will be a household name in the dubstep community.

Here’s why:

One comment on “Meet Baby Bass – Hallywood X [Heavy]

  1. […] We’ve had our eye on Hallywood X for quite some time now. Big things were brewing for this Brazilian artist, and now they’re boiling to the surface – emerging in the form of an electro-pop summer anthem. Try not to smile, or move your body. It’s tough. I am currently struggling not to dance alone in my room at 1:57 am. Maybe that’s because I’ve eaten over a dozen Choco Tacos, or maybe it’s because Hallywood X’s up-tempo, electronic ecstasy is infectious. Whatever it is, you can hear it on this track. It’s not summer yet here in Chicago, so we hope this transports you to a warm place. […]


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