Goulding Goosebumps [Happy]

Ellie sings. Ellie rocks. Ellie this. Ellie that.

Everyone want’s a piece of Ellie.

She’s not spinning tables, but her vocal bliss is turning heads. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, she’s brewing her talents with EDM, one song at a time. Of them all, her collaborations with Skrillex have the heftiest backdrop. Shortly after breaking up, the two released Bittersweet for the official Breaking Dawn soundtrack. According to Goulding, the two remain close friends and still plan to collaborate in the future.

Bittersweet is without a doubt a testament to talent for both Skrillex and Goulding. But what’s the real reason Rager Onion’s loves Ellie Goulding?
Just ask Calvin Harris.

Kill The Noise — ‘Black Magic’ [Heavy]

Jake Stanczak, better known as Kill The Noise, recently released his latest EP Black Magic on OWSLA.

The seven song masterpiece features a variety of genres of music ranging in tempo and rhythm. Compared to his other albums, Kill The Noise toned down the dubstep and implemented a few new elements into each song to showcase his true musical ability.

One of the more popular tracks features popular Mau5trap artist Feed Me, along with a new artist to keep your eye on called Brillz. Make sure to listen to the album all the way through, as the best song is saved for last with an unanticipated piano ballad played by Jake himself.

Thumbs up everybody.